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Rthirtyone Starter Combo

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Spray Bottle Head


1 Bottle...Rthirtyone Aloe leave-in Conditioner 

1 Bottle...Rthirtyone Extreme Growth Elixir 


This bundle will set you off on the fast track to your hair goals!

The Elixir will speed up your rate per month. Then the leave-in conditioner will retain all the growth you'll be getting. You'll see changes in the way your hair look and feels, your hair will be stronger, and of course it'll be growing faster. By the end of the 5 months, you'll have the BEST hair you've ever had, and you'll be sharing with others how simple it was to get your results.

Don't forget to get a 5 minute scalp massage in every day for more amazing results. 

We recommend using Rthirtyone Aloe leave-in conditioner and the Elixir together.

Products last based on frequency of use.