Aloe Vera Leave-In Conditioner, for Maintaining Moisture, Growth, Lengh and Scalp Health.

Aloe Vera Leave-In Conditioner, for Maintaining Moisture, Growth, Lengh and Scalp Health.

Frequently asked question? #1

 Can I use the Aloe leave-in conditioner by itself?

The answer is YES!

Our Aloe leave-in conditioner is actaully formulated so you don't need anything else. It's liquid, it has oil (mother natures oil to be precise) which is vegetable glycerine. The combination of the aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and vegetable glycerine make for the most awesome conditioning effect for the hair. Not to mention how soft your hair feels using it. Not like mushy, but NICE lol. Your scalp stays clean and moisturized, so no itching, dryness, no flakes or dandruff. You get moisture and protien balance in one step. So you can kiss the need to frequently deep condition, GOODBYE! Your hair gets all it needs in this one easy step and you are saved from waisting endless hours on your hair. (Mind you time is valuable, and you could be using it to do more productive things) 

Hands down, we are changing how you think and feel about Afro-Textured hair. With a simple spritz [as needed] you'll be shocked by how amazing your hair feels and how great the results you'll be getting are.

You betta get into it!

With our bundled deals, that's all you'll need. Apart from a great shampoo and deep conditioner. Why deep condition? The deep conditioner helps to fight the effects of the shampoo stripping the hair, then follow the deep conditioner with our Aloe leave-in conditioner. That's it! Super simple. 

Take the guess work out of it's a super simple regimen to follow

On wash days (bare in mind there's no build up using our products)...Shampoo, Deep condition, then use our Aloe leave-In Conditioner. The rest of the time use the Aloe Leave-In Conditioner as needed. Some customers do every other day, some do once every day, and others do every 3 to 4 days.

Listen to your hair!


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